A prehistoric romp through the dark side of Bedrock

Welcome to Where's Wilma, our free BDSM erotic role playing site. In this episode, we travel through time from pre-historic mud people, to the famous town of Bedrock, and then into the future when Betty Rubble is thawed out by the demented German Cryonics Scientist, Doktor Freeze.

Enjoy each of the scenes below. Thumbnail images open to full size pictures untill you get to the hardcore parts which we can not display in this free site. To see these, you will need to go to either NinaKnowsBest.com or Wasteland.com

Early Bedrock Residents' Summer Picnic
Long before the Flintstone family set down roots in Bedrock, their ancestors settled the area. Enjoy this candid glimpse into their unique style of
interpersonal interaction.
The Secret Life of Betty Rubble and Fred Flintstone
When the cat's away, the mice will play, and this was the case when Barney and Wilma went off for the afternoon to bedrock shopping for
landscape supplies. Fred always was a hound dog, but Betty seems pretty feisty today as well!
Betty Rubble Meets Doctor Freeze In the 21st Century
100,000 years have passed. A fast moving glacier took out the entire city of Bedrock and its residents. But, now, a strange German cybernetics
scientist, Doctor Freeze, has been delivered an unusual package from an archeology team tunnelling into a glacier. The contents are quite shocking!
Doctor Freeze and Betty: The Pygmalion Experiment
Although poor Doctor Freeze has absolutely NO sense of fashion, in this scene, we view his interesting attempt at re-making pre-historic Betty into
a woman of poise and sophistication.
That Would Be "Mistress Betty" To You, Worm!
Now throughly modern Betty begins to develop some unique tastes and desires of her own. Poor Doctor Freeze has certainly let this genie out of the bottle!

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